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The Nation of Islam



The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

As-Salaam Alaikum.

Dear Believers and Students I am writing this letter to introduce entitled “The Law of God.”

Master Fard Muhammad, The Great Mahdi, to Whom praise is due forever, came to North America on July 4, 1930, nearly 60 years ago, to declare our independence. He set up classes and gave instructions that would bring into reality a new kind of human being; a human being that would become like a magnet, so unalike this world that he or she would attract the people of this world to him or her.
Master Fard Muhammad knew that at a certain time there would be a level of dissatisfaction in the country so great that it would demand a change. He also knew that out of dissatisfaction would come a leadership unalike what the people were dissatisfied with. He and His Messenger would be at the forefront of that change and those wise enough to submit to Their Guidance would be the beneficiaries of that change.

The Mosque to us is as a home is to a family. It is the nurturing ground for virtue, character, the implantation of proper values and the molding of a righteous character. For what purpose? That we might break forth from the Mosque at the proper time, to take advantage of what had been created by Allah (God) of total dissatisfaction with the kind and quality of present–day leadership.

The Law Of God are, “The Law of Allah (God) is the Ladder by which we climb up into Oneness with Him, becoming possessors of His Spirit.” I do not say that we will be able to climb up the Ladder without difficulty.

It is in our attempt to submit to the Restrictive Law of Islam that hardship and/or trial is produced. It is difficult to be right. Many of us get tired of this apparently eternal struggle and we would rather leave the Mosque (struggle). Those who leave fall backwards almost immediately, for no matter what excuse they give for leaving, they leave because they no longer wish to endure the pain and hardship of struggling to make themselves better persons.

The Scripture says that the “race is not to the swift, but to those who endure to the end.” There are those, however, who are not struggling to make themselves better persons, but do not wish to leave the Mosque. This class of persons attempts to bring every mental device available to justify breaking the Law. Every time this is done, it erodes character development and makes us, in the process, totally dishonest. Then we are classified as hypocrites. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that “a hypocrite is a liar and is the worst kind of human being.

” It is this secret forming of mental devices against God’s Law and against the Man of God who teaches the Law that causes us to fall. This is why we are warned in the Holy Qur’an to shun secret counsels for sin and disobedience, not only with other persons, but those secret counsels for sin and disobedience that take place within Self. These secret counsels, taking place within the heart of the person, causes the person who accepts sin and disobedience to begin to become blind and this blindness produces the stumble and the fall. I have given you Surah 58 as part of your reading assignment. It contains a Warning from Allah against secret counsels for sin and disobedience. It should be read very carefully and taken seriously.

In the Book of Proverbs 16:18, we read, “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

”A fall can take place from an exalted position, but evidence of the fall is not manifested to the eyes of the people until we reach a certain point in the fall. Malcolm said, “I saw myself falling for a long time, but I could not help myself.

”We can, however, reverse a fall, but only with the Help of Allah (God). The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that prophets are sent into the world to check (stop or break) the fall of man by calling the falling or fallen one to obedience to Allah (God). It is a sincere repentance coupled with a willing spirit to obey God that checks the fall and reverses the trend.

Malcolm could not help himself because his anger at his Teacher for sitting him down at the height of his career; his pride in his popularity with the people; the evil thoughts he harbored in his heart against his Teacher and his inordinate desire for his Teacher’s place, would not allow him to submit himself to his Teacher in order to save himself.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad often inflicted pain on me. He did this, not to show me that He was the Master, but rather, because he wanted me to become a Master. Teaching was and is my gift, and each of you has been given a Gift by Allah (God); however, unless we allow ourselves to be made better persons, we will never be qualified to be used by Allah in satisfaction of the growing desire of people of all races and nationalities for proper (Divine) leadership.

This is why the Restrictive Law is our success. Master Fard Muhammad came to us with a Promise of money, luxury, good homes, and friendships in all walk of life. He promised us that if we followed Him and endured the hardship and suffering necessary to be remolded and remade, the result would be luxury. But He warned, “If you do not clean up, you are out of luck with us.” This showed His unwillingness to tolerate us in the class, if we do not make a sincere effort to clean ourselves up.

Present–day leadership in the world, both spiritual and political, consists primarily of persons who desire and place in positions of authority and power, people who are loyal to themselves (personality) and not necessarily to principles. This is totally wrong.

In the Nation of Islam, proper leadership is that which teaches loyalty to Allah (God), His Messenger, the Law and myself. When we break the loyalty to the Law, we break the Code of Friendship between us and, more importantly, we do not deserve friendship with those who strive to live by the Law, unless and until we are punished and begin striving again.

Why is this? Master Fard Muhammad was teaching us away from cronyism and keeping friendship with persons whose character is not good. Is this not the reason why there is a growing dissatisfaction with present–day leadership? Again, each victor, politically or spiritually, wants to put his or her cronies, who are loyal to personality, but not to principles of law, in positions of power.

We are taught not to even show sympathy for the wrongdoer. This is so that when you and I come in positions of authority, we will be strong enough and righteous enough to punish even our mother, father, sister, brother or dearest friend, if he or she disrespects the code or rule of law. This is what will insure the perpetual motion or the success of the Nation. Anything else by those in authority will ultimately bring the Nation to its death. This is the kind of person Allah and His Messenger are trying to make of me, that I may make a Nation of people worthy of His Name.

In my recent teachings on the Law, you may have heard me say that the reason Allah (God) is so hard on individuals who commit the crime of adultery (His Law requires that they be put to death) is because that individual is like a termite eating away at the foundation of Home (marriage and family) and Nation. Although the penalty seems harsh, Allah is saying that the Nation is more important than the individual. So, the Nation of Islam makes examples of individuals for the preservation of the Nation, for Allah is not necessarily bound to individuals, but to the preservation of a species.

All that we have done and are doing up to this time was to have been in preparation for this Reality (Execution of the Restrictive Law), so that when this Reality shall become an actual fact, we will not feel left in the lurch.

Jesus was once informed that his mother and brothers were waiting outside to speak with him. He answered, “My mother and my brother are in the temple with me.” Another time, he said “My brother is he who does the Will of my Father.” This means there is no friendship outside the Will of God. This is a Brotherhood based upon Divine Law and obedience to Allah.

May Allah (God) bless you to take this entire course of study seriously.

Your Brother and Servant,
Minister Louis Farrakhan
Servant to the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the West  

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